Larry Kemp Bladesnith  


49 Harley Chain Damascus Knife

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Welcome to my site, and thanks very much for stopping by

I started to make knives in 1991 by the stock removal method and started forging blades in 1997. I attended the ABS school for Intro to the Forged Blade in September of 2002, and now most of my knives are forged carbon steel. In the summer of 2005, I attended the GRS school of engraving, and was fortunate enough to study under Steve Dunn. In June of 2006, I attained a Journeyman Smith status with the American Bladesmith Society. At the present time, I am a part time maker, and cherish every hour I get to spend in front of the forge.

*** I am currently unable to accept orders for knives or tomahawks, but if you would like to be sent an e-mail when I am able to accept orders, please provide me with your e-mail address. ***

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